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Recorded Webinar: Applied Data Analysis Using MATLAB- "Catching the Wind"

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Webinar image: Applied Data Analysis Using ML- Wind Image

In this webinar, you will learn how to use MATLAB for data analysis from data access through visualization and modeling.  Using measured wind data for wind farm siting, MathWorks engineers will demonstrate the use of MATLAB and data analysis products for the entire data analysis and modeling process.

Webinar highlights include:

• Importing measured data recorded from a data logger
• Performing data quality assurance tests for erroneous and missing data
• Exploratory data analysis and visualization, including wind rose plots and velocity histograms
• Turbine performance estimation
• Automating repetitive data analysis and reporting tasks

This webinar is for scientists and engineers in industry and academia needing to accelerate their data analysis and modeling tasks.

Product Focus

  • MATLAB ™
  • Curve Fitting Toolbox™
  • Mapping Toolbox™
  • Statistics Toolbox™

This webinar was recorded on 10 Dec 2009

Duration: 42 Minutes

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