PCB Unit


You use of sophisticated circuit boards engraving machine, you no longer have to test your circuit board to the expensive and time-consuming processing plant on behalf of, in addition to the rapid and
Then, both a more environmentally-friendly character of the R & D so that you can save even more speed unmatched R & D costs and increase the efficiency of research and development.

Carving board machine functions and characteristics:

  • Single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards can be produced.
  • Layout support various types of software Gerber files, 
  • Accepted AutoCAD DXF file.
  • A knife patents automatic detection and high-board plane detection feature.
  • A high degree of confidentiality of research and development and to shorten the time to research and development.
  • Environmental protection process, pollution-free, pollution-free.

PCAM software :

  • EP Series control software and PCAM
  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP complete
  • Compatible standards to accept RS274D / X format
  • The Gerber file or AOTOCAD DXF file
  • And to support a variety of cabling (Layout) software
  • If Protel / P-CAD /
  • Power PCB (PADS) / ORCAD .... and so on.